Saudi sports minister breaks silence on potential Liverpool bid

Liverpool and Manchester United could receive offers from the private sector in Saudi Arabia.

This is because the owners of both clubs, Fenway Sports Group and the Glazer family, have announced their intention to welcome the investment and possibly a full acquisition.

The Middle Eastern nation’s sports minister, Prince Abdulaziz bin Turki Al Faisal, weighed in on the matter, suggesting that “there is a lot of interest and appetite” in the prospect of owning one of soccer’s biggest institutions.

“From the private sector, I can’t speak for you, but there is a lot of interest and appetite and there is a lot of passion for football,” Dan Roan reported for BBC Sport.

“It is the most watched league in Saudi Arabia and the region and you have a lot of Premier League fans.

“We will definitely support him if any [Saudi] The private sector enters, because we know that this will reflect positively on sports within the kingdom.

“But if there’s an investor willing to do it and the numbers add up, why not?”

Amid reports of Apple’s interest in Manchester United, Red Devils fans understandably have little time for reality, particularly given that a potential bid from the tech giants would allow them to sidestep the moral quandaries associated with groups originating from the Middle East.

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From our point of view, it is very difficult to see the FSG seriously contemplating such an interest given the clear position of the home fans on the matter.

More specifically, the interest of Americans in leaving a positive legacy means that we are much more likely to consider US offers or other options without human rights concerns.

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