Chelsea’s problems are rooted beyond Tuchel and Potter – Talk Chelsea

Once again I see arguments over Graham Potter and Thomas Tuchel after another Chelsea defeat.

I get it, I understand the frustrations and questions about why we fired Tuchel. I get the questions and concerns about whether or not Graham Potter is that guy. I share those same concerns about Potter myself, and have and will continue to highlight the things I think he is doing wrong, like our setup last night wasn’t compact enough and he was too easy to play leaving big spaces in midfield. . However, I will still be supporting him.

My point is that the problems at Chelsea at the moment are still deep-seated squad problems, and it doesn’t really matter who the manager is. Until we rebuild this squad and remove the toxicity, we will continue in this same cycle.

A manager comes in, there’s a bit of a rebound, said manager gets it right on occasion and fixes a few cracks, and then those burning issues that have still been burning start roaring again after they’ve been fed. We have seen it all before in the last four years at this club, with many of the same players here.

Our problems stem from years of poor hiring and decision-making at the club, unfortunately, so any new owner or any new manager automatically faces an uphill struggle.

We know this team lacks a strong mindset and leadership when things are bad. When we’re doing it right, things are going well and the atmosphere is upbeat, but when we’re struggling, heads are falling all over the shop and no one is getting up.

Those are the mentality problems we face. But above all the lack of quality of the squad, as I have been saying for a long time. A lot of these players just aren’t good enough. They can do something on occasion and look good for a game or two, but they just aren’t consistent enough.

And until we destroy this team, remove the players who are considering their future and those who are just not good enough, and replace them with quality and solid mindsets, then we will continue this cycle and continue to discuss coaches.

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