Former Crystal Palace man who quit football and became a porn star admits job isn’t as fun as expected

A former footballer who now works in the porn industry has spoken out about his first experience on set, admitting it’s not as much fun as people think.

Damian Oliver, a former Crystal Palace academy player who spent time in prison before pursuing a career in porn, has been outspoken about his six-hour shoot, which only netted him £150.

Oliver admitted on the Anything Goes with James English podcast that his first shoot four years ago was a “horrible” experience. He said:

“That was scary, being on my first set, the cameraman was a big, bald Irishman, it was pretty scary: I have to get my s**t out in front of him and start fucking. ”

“It was like laminate flooring, and I was naked and sweating, and I was slipping on my own sweat.

“We had to keep cutting, I had her leaning over the couch but I kept slipping on the floor, they had to keep mopping the floor, I was just a leaky mess.”

Oliver was a painter and decorator at the time and saw it as an easy way to make money. The side job turned into a full-time job after he began dating his girlfriend, porn star Sophie Anderson, who joined ‘forces personally and professionally’.

However, Damian expressed his regret at pursuing a career in adult content and wonders how his life would have been different if he had stayed in football. He said:

“When I was at Crystal Palace, if I had stayed with them, I could have been earning a lot more playing football. He used to fight too, maybe that could have gone somewhere.

“He was good at both, but being a porn star, I thought he would be just as good. But it’s not as good as people think.”

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