Thiago Silva doesn’t need to dope to be the best around – Talk Chelsea

Thiago Silva is 38 years old and still going strong.

The defender remains one of the best players in the Premier League despite now being one of the oldest, and every week we are left in awe of how good he is, even at his age.

Premier League drug testers have clearly been wondering the same thing. After the first match of this season, a narrow 1-0 win over Everton, Silva was called up for the standard “random” post-match drug test.

He was excellent in that game, but not so excellent that he was suspected of cheating.

The investigation went on so long that he ended up missing his flight back to London and had to be driven instead, as his Instagram story after the game informed us.

The results were negative, so we can safely say that you have not found winstrol for sale online.

Silva’s success and longevity are a product of his hard work and commitment to his craft. He would be insulted at the very idea of ​​cutting corners.

His job has gotten significantly more difficult this season since the arrival of Graham Potter. The new trainer is much more likely to use it in a 4 defense, rather than in the middle of a 3 defense where it looks so good to us.

The form certainly exposes Silva much more, and neither he nor a central defender of any age and fitness will look as confident when they only have one partner to cover them instead of two.

But despite being more exposed than ever, the Brazil star continues to shine, and week after week he has strikers half his age comfortably in his pocket.

The question will be how he faces the World Cup. As well as being a rock for Chelsea, he is a titan for Brazil, and he will face punishment in the coming months if the Seleção go as far as they anticipate in Qatar. As much as Neymar is an icon in Brazil, Silva is the talisman at the back, and they can’t afford to lose him for even one game, as we saw in 2014.

Fresh off a packed schedule with Chelsea, he will have to go the distance with his country, which could mean playing 7 games if Brazil reach the final. Immediately after that, he too will return to action in the Premier League.

Silva is still a key man for us and according to him he has no plans to stop anytime soon.

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