The kind of buyer Liverpool will explore as £1.973trillion rich group’s stance clarified – Kevin Palmer

The news that Manchester United could be the subject of a takeover bid by Apple (as covered by The Mirror) has probably been met with a lot of enthusiasm among the fan base at Old Trafford.

Kevin Palmer commented on the development on Twitter, noting that both Liverpool and Tottenham “will also explore this type of potential buyer.”

The Reds have been linked to a swath of potential groups and individuals, though there is no doubt that an organization with comparable financial capabilities to the tech giant (with a net worth of £1.973 trillion, according to Macrotrends) would be a game changer.

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To put things in context, an owner with a net worth of £1tn will dwarf Newcastle’s PIF, who has a reported wealth of £320bn (according to the Mirror).

On top of that, as Palmer points out, it would allow a potential club to avoid the pitfalls of associations with petrostates.

It remains to be seen if a group possessing almost untold riches will throw their hats into the ring to wrest Liverpool out of Fenway’s grasp, though there is still a long way to go before one group takes the top spot.

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