Identity of next Liverpool owner clearer after FSG point made

Liverpool are a huge project for any potential owner to take their hands off of the FSG, but it is the club’s resurgence over the last decade that is likely to make it so difficult to push it out of the group’s grasp.

The reality of a £3bn+ sale (as a likely minimum starting point) means that only a select few potential suitors have the capital to jump into the fray, of which there is an even smaller group if take into account how they are synchronized. with the politics and morals of the city.

“Liverpool has such constant streams of income that any buyer would pay a premium because everything is in place,” Tim Keech, co-founder of MRKT Insights, told The Athletic.

“We are talking about one of the jewels in the crown of football and they are not available very often. Manchester City was a project purchase, a bit like Newcastle. You were buying a Premier League club and trying to turn it into a big club. Liverpool are already in the top five in the world in terms of profile and reach.

“There aren’t many people with £3bn to £4bn to spend. So you have potential problems in terms of who will be accepted by the fan groups. But there will be a lot of interest. I don’t see it as a high net worth individual, but as a group of investors or another fund like FSG.”

Assuming that Fenway does not, in fact, intend to just cut and run, we can probably safely rule out the Americans striking a deal with a Gulf state buyer.

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There is a chance that a suitable option will emerge from the Far East, although Liverpool’s next owner (should a wholesale sale be the ideal eventuality) will most likely be from the states and quite possibly someone FSG already meet.

We can more than understand fans feeling a bit anxious about any potential changes given the period of stability we’ve enjoyed of late under John W. Henry and Co.

Despite all that, we have faith that our current owners will find a solution that is genuinely in the best interest of the club rather than simply revolving around making a hefty profit.

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