FSG may already know next Liverpool owners after £3bn decision

The question of how the FSG might proceed with the sale of Liverpool Football Club has been much discussed online.

Some have suggested that the statement issued by the Americans suggests that the group is just looking for another shareholder in an investment campaign, while other commentators insist that a complete sale is the more likely of the two.

If the Red Sox owners went the latter route, it’s entirely possible they could revisit a £3bn deal that was closed in 2021 when a Middle Eastern offer was flatly rejected, as reported by the Mirror at the time. .

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The value has shot up a bit since then, though there’s no reason why the same interested party shouldn’t emerge from the joinery if John W. Henry and Co. are prepared to consider the prospect of a sellout.

Not a possibility many Liverpool fans want the FSG to seriously consider, of course, lest we sleep with an oligarch or become a state team linked to a regime with a more than questionable human rights record.

It is hoped that the consecration of a fan board will play some part in ensuring that the right third party, in whatever capacity they come, is a perfect fit with Liverpool Football Club and team morale.

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