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Chelsea play Manchester City in the third round of the League Cup tomorrow afternoon and what this competition does is it gives clubs a chance to give minutes to some youngsters from the academy and fringe players.

Personally, I think Chelsea will go pretty strong with the line-up, but Graham Potter has confirmed that the high-flying attacker signed by Arsenal this summer, Omari Hutchinson, will not only be in the squad, he will be ‘involved’.

To me, this suggests that he will already have his senior Chelsea debut, maybe early on, or maybe from the bench. But it looks like he’ll get minutes, and that’s great news for Blues fans.

Hutchinson has been training with Graham Potter in the Chelsea first team not only this week ahead of the Manchester City game, but also for the past few weeks and months.

This guy is the real deal. When it comes to X-factor players, players who can make something happen out of nowhere, they are few and far between. But Hutchinson has this, and I guess that’s where he’s drawing the Eden Hazard comparisons from. I can see that, as much as I dislike such comparisons.

Many at Cobham are convinced that Hutchinson is ready to play for the first team, so we look forward to seeing him tomorrow. There’s no question he can take that step and get some minutes this season for Potter.

He plays bravely and automatically brings something we don’t have on this team, the ability to run the ball, beat players using both pace and skill, an eye for the pass and really good finishing. He technically he is solid.

Hutchinson is a truly talented player and I root for Chelsea for convincing him to sign for us this summer, let’s not show the confidence in him that he has shown in us. Eager to see him play, here we have a real gem on our hands.

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