An internal legal conflict in Elkann household could shake Juve’s hierarchy

When Gianni Agnelli was still alive, Il Avvocato was the undisputed boss of the Agnelli family and later Juventus’ top sponsor.

Unfortunately, things have not been that simple after his death in 2003. His grandson John Elkann became the de facto heir to Gianni’s assets, but his lack of interest in football led him to appoint his cousin Andrea Agnelli. as president of the club in 2010. .

But according to Milan Finanza via Gazzetta dello Sport, an internal legal conflict could shake the foundations of the Agnelli-Elkann family, putting the hierarchy of the Bianconeri in doubt.

Apparently Gianni Agnelli’s only daughter, Margherita, has filed a lawsuit against his three children, John, Lapo and Ginevra Elkann, with the trial set to begin on Monday.

Margherita claims that she had been illegally expelled from the estate of her father Gianni and her mother Marella Caracciolo in favor of their three children, and this includes shares in Juventus and Ferrari.

Under Italian law, the legal heir is entitled to claim up to 50% of the total inheritance. The source says that Margherita will try to prove that her mother resided in Italy and not in Switzerland to take advantage of this rule.

On the other hand, John Elkann and his brothers will argue that their mother had already waived her rights in the succession in a deal worth €1.2bn.

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