Benjamin Mendy loves sex with a lot of women

Manchester City left-back Benjamin Mendy has admitted in court that he had a period in life where he enjoyed parties and “having sex with a lot of women”.

The Frenchman has been on trial for allegations of seven counts of rape and has spent time behind bars, where he says he has learned a lot.

Mendy continues to deny committing sexual offenses but has been open about the lifestyle he led a few years ago.

“At the time I wasn’t thinking about how they felt or could be upset because, to me, if they wanted to have sex and I wanted to, that was fine and I would continue with my party,” she said.

He added that he enjoyed “having sex with a lot of women.”

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Mendy continued to party and spend time with multiple partners even after her initial arrest, explaining that she assumed she would be fine.

He admits that he regrets this now, although he also learned some valuable lessons from spending time behind bars.

He said: “For the first time I was very careful, like ‘I need to buy this, but if I get that, I can’t have that.’ The life he had before, everything he wanted to have, I just bought.

“So he taught me the value of money.”

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