Peacock’s Black Friday sale is a deal for soccer fans

A question for you soccer fans in the United States: What’s better than the Premier League and the World Cup combined? The answer is nothing, which is why Peacock’s Black Friday sale is something not to be missed.

With Peacock’s Black Friday sale, you get the service for 99 cents a month.

Here’s the deal:

• First, activate the offer • Enter the promo code SAVEBIG • Sign up and go!

Limited offer expires Monday, November 28. Not available to current Peacock Premium or Premium Plus subscribers. After the 12-month offer ends, Peacock Premium is $4.99 per month (or then-current retail price) for 12 months.

Once Peacock’s Black Friday sale ends this weekend, you won’t see the price this low again.

Peacock’s Black Friday sale offers football fans a deal

If you watch Premier League football, Peacock broadcasts about 180 games each season. Combine that with all FIFA World Cup matches, both live and on demand, and it’s an incredible savings for soccer fans.

In addition to football coverage, Peacock offers thousands of movies, TV shows, and other sports. From hit TV shows like The Office to movies and reality shows, the service has everything for the family.

Peacock Benefits for Soccer Fans

Other Peacock benefits for football fans include access to a 24/7 Premier League TV channel for highlights, news and more.

In addition, Peacock presents Goal Rush, the live show so you can watch all the live goals from across the Premier League.

Last but not least, another favorite Peacock feature is Key Plays.

At the end of the 2021/22 Premier League season, NBCUniversal experimented with a new feature on Peacock called Catch Up With Key Plays. It is now available on a number of devices.

“[Key Plays] it’s really a way to make sure fans don’t have to worry about being late for live streams,” explains John Jelley, SVP of Product and User Experience at Peacock. “So what it does is it combines machine learning, meaning it looks at what’s happening on the screen, combined with data from live events in the game, and it automatically selects the highlights.”

Last but not least, Peacock executives have promised Premier League games in 4K in 2023.

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