Report reveals huge disappointment at Newcastle right now

Newcastle United are soaring in the Premier League ahead of the World Cup break, but that has unfortunately come at a dire time for the club.

With 15 games played, the Magpies are third in the league and have only lost once this season; with the club looking like real top-four contenders at the moment, having further cemented their place at the weekend by beating rivals Chelsea.

A new report on Newcastle from The Athletic has provided insight into how the Magpies feel internally about the World Cup forcing the Premier League into a break and stopping their momentum.

They report that people inside St. James’ Park have admitted that the break comes at the worst possible time as everything in Newcastle seems to be running smoothly and they are not wrong.

Momentum is huge in football, and Eddie Howe’s team is now at risk of losing it.

Things could happen over the next six weeks that could affect the club’s form, such as injuries, but the St. James’ Park faithful hope that won’t be the case when the club returns to action against Bournemouth in the EFL Cup in December. . twenty

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