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The simple answer here is because laying off managers at the moment, where we are as a football club and in the midst of a transitional rebuilding project under new ownership, laying off managers is not the answer.

I have seen all the fallout on social media after the Arsenal loss and to be honest I share the same emotions and concerns. I’ve seen a lot of longing for Thomas Tuchel again and cries to fire Graham Potter. But for me, it doesn’t really matter who trains us and who’s in charge right now, the issues are much simpler than who’s in charge. The problems are our players and the lack of mentality, leadership and, above all, quality that we collectively have.

It wouldn’t matter who was in charge right now, be it Potter or Tuchel, we would be seeing the same problems. Tuchel’s football, while enjoyable at times, was no different than what we are seeing now. Nothing to me looks different. We play laborious and predictable, and the football has been poor for years. That is regardless of who the manager is.

Players perform poorly and don’t play with 100% effort, blame the coach, that’s the nature of the beast. That’s why it’s up to us to look past all of that now and see what the root problem really is.

No matter what your views are on Potter or Tuchel, if we’re in this new era under new ownership and on a long-term transitional rebuild project, then honestly I’m against regular management layoffs, I just don’t it will work.

That was Roman Abramovich’s way of working, and it might have worked for him, but it won’t work anymore in modern football, especially when you look at how easily all the other clubs around us can invest and spend too, we wouldn’t. . walk away from anyone like that. We need to build and invest in a long-term manager.

Potter is the boy? I still think he is, but we really won’t know until sometime, and we need to give him every opportunity to prove that he is, despite our concerns.

Potter is going to make mistakes, he’s not perfect and there will be obstacles in his way. But if he’s fully backed and the ENTIRE squad rebuild takes place, then there’s no reason why he can’t still be our guy here.

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