Robertson on Spurs fans booing their side after two-goal first-half

Liverpool and Mo Salah were in good form during the first half of the game against Tottenham Hotspur and Andy Robertson has commented on his supporters’ decision to boo his team off the pitch.

The Scotland captain was speaking alongside his two-goal Sky Sports team-mate and discussed the difference between Spurs’ first and second half: “We could have been better on the ball, we could have tried to control the game a little better but, at the end of the day, you’re coming up to a top-six team and they just got booed at halftime, they’ve got a coach waiting for reactions and I think they got it.”

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It’s always a good indication that your team has played well when opposition supporters start booing and that was true for the first 45 minutes in the capital.

We had to work hard in the second half to get the three points and luckily we followed up a strong win against Napoli with another against Antonio Conte’s side.

You can watch Robertson’s thoughts on the Spurs booing (starting at 2:10) via Sky Sports Premier League on YouTube:

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