Chelsea will find it near impossible to sign both Rice and Bellingham – Talk Chelsea

I just can’t see Chelsea signing Jude Bellingham and Declan Rice, despite reading reports that they want to sign both. And I don’t even think money is an issue.

We know how ambitious our new owners are, and we know they won’t be afraid to dip into their pockets, but I think it’s very ambitious if anyone thinks Chelsea will sign both Bellingham and Rice.

I think we have a great opportunity to sign Rice. But personally, for me, I think Chelsea falls way below the list of options Bellingham would pick out of the options he’ll get.

We may not have any Champions League football to offer yet this season, and I only see him picking Manchester City or Real Madrid if I’m being honest, with Chelsea being the third or fourth choice.

It would be almost (just say almost because you can never say never in this game) impossible for Chelsea to get both Bellingham and Rice, despite wanting to.

But like I said, I think we still have a decent shout out to getting Rice, but for me, it depends on Mason Mount’s new contract, which I’m optimistic he’ll get signed. He also has many interested clubs.

I have always trusted that he would choose Chelsea if there are multiple offers on the table and the final decision would be left to him. But I also think Mount’s contract situation could change this, as well as perhaps Chelsea missing out on Champions League football and other factors.

However, I would not say that we were not in pole position to sign him, it would put us on a level with the other clubs, but we will have competition. And, of course, it won’t just be about how much salary is on offer, or if Rice is a Chelsea academy kid and still loves Chelsea, it will be about the collective whole package on offer.

It’s going to be a big decision for Rice, and I don’t expect him to make it until the summer when he evaluates all his offers.

I think this is the best chance Chelsea have to sign Rice this summer, and I remain optimistic that it will eventually happen. But there is much more to consider than just joining Chelsea, there are many other elements, and it’s not as straightforward as some might think.

As for Bellingham, that’s a pipe dream. I’ve never felt sure that would happen.

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