Lovren shares hilarious Salah obsession in his ‘morning routine’

Dejan Lovren and Mo Salah were an unlikely friendship during their days together at Anfield, but it’s clear this relationship has continued since their departure.

In a video shared on his Instagram account, the defender showed his followers what his “morning routine” is, and it’s very heavy from the Egyptian King!

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From a Salah quilt and pillows, to slippers, posters, t-shirts and more, the Croat even tried to copy his former teammate’s body in the mirror, but it wasn’t too successful for him.

After seeing a Lovren cushion on the training ground under our number 11 locker, it seems that the love is mostly mutual and is part of a friendship that will last a lifetime.

You can watch the video of Lovren’s ode to Salah through his Instagram account.

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