The leader is good, the leader is great …

Good morning.

There’s been a lot of talk about how Arsenal will sit proudly at the top of the Premier League table for the next six weeks, and obviously that’s a very good thing. The top is excellent. Top works for me. i like it up

However, as Arsenal fans, we have gone from a lot to a lot of nothing. Since October 1 we have played 13 soccer games and now we don’t have any. This is a bit like going cold turkey. Where Arsenal once abounded, now there is none.

To be fair, we’ve had some practice. Interlulls are like little mini breaks compared to this one. It wasn’t that long ago that soccer everywhere came to a complete halt due to the pandemic, and we eventually got over it. However, as much as I enjoy sunbathing and being the best, I will miss us. Especially since he was enjoying our momentum, and this stoppage is the equivalent of dropping a pill in a nightclub and then someone turns the music down and lights up just as you start to feel the effects.

We are all dancing without music right now.

So, we will have to fill ourselves with things from elsewhere. Obviously the World Cup will play a big part in that, and I spent some time this morning looking at this picture of the England team.

I love our Arsenal boys, don’t get me wrong, but there’s something about this image that makes me think Gareth Southgate is the leader of a seemingly benign cult spreading his word through a huge podcast ad campaign, selling a powdered supplement that They are made on their own farm from broccoli, mixed leaves and bark (provenance not included).

“You feel bad? Do you miss having that ‘Get up and walk’? Well, just add a ladleful of Southgate Greens to a glass of water, mix, and you’ll feel better instantly.

It’s full of vitamin Harry. Use offer code PODBASTARD10 for a 10% discount.

“Terms and Conditions apply. Any tail growth is completely accidental and has nothing to do with us. It can cause rectal bleeding, erectile dysfunction, and pain in the center of the midsection.”

On the other hand, as a club that has gone through a rough patch or two with veteran players whose talent has diminished and who, perhaps, like to use the media to maintain their own personal following, the Cristiano Ronaldo stuff is objectively very , very, very funny.

Clearly some of the things he says are designed to ensure he never plays for Man Utd again. A scorched earth policy to burn all those potential bridges because you feel ‘betrayed’. Far be it from me to defend Man Utd, but what’s the treason in paying him £500,000 a week to roam a football pitch? Wasn’t it something of a betrayal that he was going to Man City in the first place, given his history at United?

It’s a perfect demonstration of how you should let your head rule your heart when it comes to football decisions these days. There was no good reason for them to sign him, other than to prevent him from going to City. It was an emotional decision, not a smart one, and you didn’t have to be an expert in anything to predict that a groomed narcissist could ultimately cause substantial problems, as he blames the passage of time, which waits for no one, everyone. And everything else. He’s almost 38, there’s no such thing as a fountain of youth, and that obviously hurts.

As for the medium through which he conducted this interview: if anything proves how detached he is from reality, or vaguely aware of how normal people and football fans feel, it’s the P*ers M* show. organ. A genuinely terrible human being; a flip-flopping sycophant; a thin-skinned media parasite; and a man who knows so little about football and Arsenal, the club he claims to support, that he thinks Ronaldo would be a good signing for us at the moment.

How dumb do you have to be to think that? Really very stupid. And the depth of his stupidity is only surpassed by his abject viewing figures.

I remember a friend of mine, who will remain anonymous, doing a TV thing where that man parachuted out at the last minute. I asked “how was he?”

There was a pause.

“Think about how bad you think it would be,” they said. “But much worse than that.”

Which says it all.

Okay, I’m going to have breakfast, have a good time.

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