Real Madrid president insists the Super League is about saving

The president of Real Madrid, Florentino Pérez, has reiterated that the Superliga is a competition designed to save football.

The whites, Juventus and Barcelona are the three clubs that continue to bet on this idea.

The trio had been joined by nine other clubs from Spain, Italy and England to launch the idea.

However, others pulled out after some fan backlash and it seemed like the idea was dead in the waters.

But the leaders of Juve, Barça and Madrid have refused to back down and have even hired a new company to design a competition that is acceptable.

Speaking about the idea again recently, Pérez said via Tuttomercatoweb:

“We cannot allow young people to love football less and less”

And he added: “We are working on this and I will fight with all my strength so that football does not lose its position.”

Juve FC says

Fans rejected the idea when it was first made public and most still oppose it.

The founders seem to have created it out of greed and football lovers could clearly see it.

It will be difficult to win their support for the idea now, which suggests that the protagonists will probably have to abandon it for some time.

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