Julian Ward’s exit set to have big impact on Klopp, transfers & Liverpool’s future

Liverpool are now reportedly ready to invite Jurgen Klopp to be ‘part of the process’ around adapting the club’s model, ‘including transfers’, in light of Julian Ward’s departure.

The sporting director is now set to leave the team at the end of the season and it is understood that he is taking a break from football.

“Liverpool will now use Ward’s imminent departure as an opportunity to consider which model will be most effective in supporting future football operations, including transfers, at the club,” Liverpool’s editor-in-chief wrote for the Echo. “Jurgen Klopp, who signed a new deal in April to extend his commitment to the Reds until 2026, will be part of the process, with Hogan also involved.”

Amid talks of a possible takeover, the German could play a crucial role in ensuring the Anfield-based team moves in a direction that allows them to better compete with petrostate-funded teams domestically and internationally.

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It goes without saying that whoever owns Liverpool Football Club next will have a huge influence on the success of our evolved model.

With FSG having largely implemented a successful off-pitch system from our commercial presence to club-wide appointments, the key area that MUST be addressed is our flexibility in the marketplace.

We’re far from expecting the club to be able to throw cash around in as nonchalant a fashion as Manchester City, although having space to address the core issues in the team – in this case, the midfield department – would significantly improve our chance of competing in the top of the table.

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