Nat Phillips amazed with Gomez’s pinpoint shooting

Although he never scored for the club, Joe Gomez has managed to show off his shooting talents in several of the light-hearted videos released by the club and Nat Phillips was very impressed with his team-mate.

Taking on a shooting challenge for AXA Insurance, the object of the game was not to hit anything that was blocking the way to the back of the net and our number 2 unleashed a fantastic goal-scoring effort.

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The 25-year-old stepped forward and fired the ball into the top left corner of the net, with host Manny saying, “You’ve got to shoot free kicks!”

After the brilliant effort, the camera cut to our Bolton Barsei and his reaction was easily the highlight of the video.

You can watch Gomez’s effort and Phillips’ reaction (starting at 3:11) via Liverpool FC on YouTube:

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