Xavi Sees Cristiano Ronaldo as the Difference Maker in the Upcoming Europa League Play-off

Manchester United are about to face another misery as they take on Barcelona in the Europa League play-off draw in February. After the team suffered against Aston Villa, Cristiano Ronaldo again faced criticism for his lack of goals.

Cristiano Ronaldo had a frustrating match yesterday, which ended with a fight on the pitch against Mings. Manchester United have lost nine away games in the English Premier League in 2022.

Erik Ten Hag also criticized his team’s tactical approach which did not help Cristiano Ronaldo up front. Ten Hag said, “No, I think it was stupid to do that. We deliver crosses too fast from too far and too forceful. So we don’t help you. We have to bring the crosses at the right time.”

He also pointed out particular flaws and explained them to reporters. He said: “I think in the second half we also brought the crosses too fast. The right moment came from Christian Eriksen in the first half and he found the moment in the pocket to hand the ball to Cristiano at the far post. That was the right time.”

Xavi sees Cristiano Ronaldo as the one who makes the difference, as Barcelona will face Manchester United in the Europa League play-off
Xavi sees Cristiano Ronaldo as the one who makes the difference, as Barcelona will face Manchester United in the Europa League play-off

On the other hand, Barcelona has suffered again in its journey through the Champions League. They have suffered the same fate as the previous season. After relegation to the Europa League, they may have a chance to win a European trophy again.

Barcelona has world-class players like Lewandowski, Gavi, Pedri and Raphinha. But the team performed below European giants like Bayern and Inter. But Barcelona currently leads the La Liga table with 34 points. Barca newcomer Lewandowski is also La Liga’s top scorer. Ousmane Dembele also leads in assists.

This will be the perfect opportunity for Xavi to end this season with a big European trophy. But the manager thinks otherwise.

After the draw, Barcelona coach Xavi said: “We will have to compete, go to Manchester against a really top rival and a historic team that has grown a lot with the arrival of (Erik) Ten Hag.”


Xavi also spoke individually about his former rival, Cristiano Ronaldo. According to Fabrizio Ramano, Xavi said: “I think he is a great player, he has marked an era in world football and he can still make a difference”.

Cristiano Ronaldo is always a force to be reckoned with in the case of the European Leagues. The former Madrid player dominated the Barça defense every time he faced them.

He even won the Man of the Match award the last time he faced the Camp Nou team. As the top scorer with the most goals against Barcelona, ​​he is second with 20 goals.

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