Rodgers outlines biggest problem David Moyes has at West Ham

Leicester boss Brendan Rodgers jumped to Moyes’ defense when asked if he should have time to turn things around at London Stadium.

The Hammers sit 16th in the standings with just 14 points after 15 games despite spending a lot of money last summer on new signings.

“Should David be given time? Absolutely,” Rodgers said of Moyes (The Independent).

“He is a top-level coach. He has brought the club from where he was a few years ago to European football, something we never would have thought possible from where they were.

Rodgers believes one of the main reasons for West Ham’s poor form is the decline of older players.

“They have had a big turnaround this summer in terms of players and adaptation takes time. Lots of new players at a new level, plus some veteran players who are on the decline. That also happens.

“But David is a first class manager. He will be disappointed, but he will go away and come back and use this time well. I have no doubt that he will make them win again.” Moyes finished.

West Ham suffered another blow this weekend after recording yet another defeat, this time to Rodgers himself, who appears to be turning things around after a rocky start to the season.

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