Premier League has big problem with Man United after Europa campaign

The mid-season World Cup has caused scheduling headaches in all of Europe’s top leagues, but the Premier League has been made worse by Manchester United failing to qualify for the Europa League round of 16.

The Manchester club needed to beat Real Sociedad by more than one goal in Thursday night’s clash to top their Europa League group but could only win 1-0.

This means that they will not automatically qualify for the round of 16 of the competition, and will instead have to play one of the Champions League sides that enter the tournament in a knockout stage to qualify for the next round.

This has become a problem for the Premier League as there is currently no room to reschedule league games where Man United are behind schedule against Crystal Palace and Leeds.

Manchester United beat Real Sociedad 1-0 on Thursday night

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According to ESPN’s Dale Johnson, between now and the end of the season, Man United’s empty midweeks are either covered by possible FA Cup replays, Carabao Cup dates, European dates or empty midweeks already booked for specific catch-up dates related. with domestic cup competitions and claims there is nowhere to put them.

Johnson says Man United are the only team unable to rearrange games in February and March, and they need to fit in two Premier League games that have been postponed due to the passing of The Queen.

United will need to get out of the competitions and hope that the teams they need to play are also out or else the Premier League’s problem will be even bigger.

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