‘Terrible’ – Leeds player calls out Jesse Marsch after footage emerges

Jesse Marsch has been called out for his ‘terrible’ celebrations this season, which have been captured on camera.

The footage Leeds United midfielder Tyler Adams called him out for was his classic hand salute to Liverpool following the famous 2-1 win at Anfield, which the team had clearly seen.

Even though the manager was under huge pressure at the time and the win against Liverpool was a great result, Adams admitted the celebration was “honestly terrible” on the part of the manager, who clearly has a great bond with his team.

In a recent YouTube interview with Men In Blazers, Adams commented on the celebratory footage everyone on the team has seen. He said:

“I have seen it.”

“I have no explanation for that. I can’t defend it, I can’t support it. I have no idea what it was, that was honestly terrible.”

The chemistry on this team is at an all time high, thanks in no small part to the previous two wins. The away win against Liverpool seems to have breathed new life into the team, leading to back-to-back Premier League wins. They currently play Spurs and lead 3-2 on the road. A point or 3 points away in the Spurs will be a great result for Jesse Marsch and his men.

Hilarious march celebration vs Liverpool

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And I’m sure the players won’t mind seeing another ‘terrible’ celebration if it means going into the World Cup break with 3 more points and out of the danger zone at the bottom of the table.

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