Klopp reveals thoughts behind Dubai training camp

Jurgen Klopp will be watching the World Cup in the hope that his players will play well, but also that they will return to Merseyside injury-free, so they can immediately return to action with the Reds.

Some may not have realized just how immediate the return would be, as the boss revealed his winter plans for the team: “We’re at training camp in Dubai, that’s just around the corner.” [from Qatar], so if someone has to leave the tournament early, they can join us right away. That’s one of the reasons we go there.”

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The rest of the players will not only continue training to have an instant impact on their return, but as soon as any nation is eliminated with our guys, the club will be ready to welcome them straight into training.

It’s good planning and hopefully it should translate into an instant return to fitness for our entire team.

You can see Klopp’s plans for the World Cup (from 11:57) via Liverpool FC on YouTube:

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