Liverpool benefit from trillion-dollar group bid after Man U stance confirmed

Liverpool and Manchester United are no longer just competing on the pitch, but also have two sets of owners trying to sell their respective clubs at the highest market price, but one tech company’s decision may indicate which is more attractive on the market. market. moment.

As Ben Jacobs tweeted: ‘Apple has no interest in buying Manchester United. The reports they will offer are NOT true’.

The £1.973bn valued deal (via has been touted as a potential buyer for both clubs, so the informed decision to no longer be interested in the Old Trafford outfit is a great update.

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Given the potentially shady sources of some of the other potential buyers of ourselves, having someone like Apple would certainly be a preferable option and is likely to have the backing of a large following.

There are very few people and companies that can be completely morally upright, but we prefer not to be funded by a country or individual who may have obtained their funds through illicit means.

There is no doubt that there will be many more updates on potential buyers for both clubs, but we can see this news as a negative update for our rivals and potentially a positive one for us.

You can see the Tweet about Apple and Manchester United via @JacobsBen on Twitter:

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