Confirmed Juventus team to face Lazio

Juventus host Lazio at the Allianz Stadium for their last Serie A game before the World Cup break and this is the team Max Allegri has been with.

A win for Juve will put them back inside the top four and, depending on AC Milan’s result, they could even finish second, nine points behind leaders Napoli.

Naturally, a loss would be a blow and even a draw would not be the best of results and make no mistake, Lazio will be a very tough opponent tonight.

Juve are on a five game winning streak in Serie A and although Lazio cannot claim the same record, they have won their last four away games in Serie A and that includes wins at Atalanta and Roma.

Everything is set for a very fierce battle, but with the momentum behind Juventus, they should claim all three points tonight.

What do you think of the starting eleven with which Allegri has left? Let us know in the comments below.

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