Jamie Carragher reveals why Newcastle won’t make the top four this season

Jamie Carragher believes that Newcastle do not have enough top players to compete for a place in the Champions League.

The Magpies sit third at the moment in the standings after 14 games and have won the last four Premier League games.

The Sky Sports pundit believes Newcastle’s priority should be to qualify for the Europa League or Conference League rather than the top four.

“The players they brought in, they spent money, but they were good Premier League players, just to keep them at the beginning,” Carragher said.

“And then take the next step. I don’t think the next step in his eyes was the Champions League. I think it was almost ‘we could compete for the Europa League with the players we have’.

“Those players for me are not Champions League players, the top four players. I don’t think they get there because of the quality of the player. But right now they’re out there and the way they’re performing means that Eddie Howe is getting more out of his players than anyone else.”

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