Conor McGregor has declared an interest in buying Liverpool

Conor McGregor has claimed that he has requested information regarding the purchase of Liverpool Football Club.

News recently emerged that FSG was looking to sell Liverpool Football Club, with The Athletic reporting that a full sale presentation has been prepared for interested parties.

It’s an interesting situation for Liverpool fans as many have been asking the FSG to sell the club, but it will be important to bring in owners with the right morale.

Now, UFC fighter McGregor has taken to Twitter to confirm that he is interested in buying Liverpool Football Club, as seen below.

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The likelihood that McGregor can actually pay Liverpool and invest for the future seems slim, and his lack of experience in the world of football would be a concern.

Liverpool fans are hoping that FSG will sell to a competent buyer who has the club’s best interests at heart, as he will undoubtedly be more important to the fanbase than obscene amounts of money.

McGregor seems like the kind of character that comes up with a lot of crazy and unrealistic ideas, and there’s a good chance this is one of them.

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