Athletic journalist points out worrying Klopp truth should potential owner buy Liverpool

The prospect of petrostate money flooding Anfield’s coffers has some Liverpool supporters online willing to welcome a Middle East-based group with open arms, should FSG be willing to sell out in full. .

However, one reality that this particular subsection of fans may not have considered is the possibility of Jurgen Klopp pulling the plug on his time at the helm of the Merseyside-based team as a result.

“But even if they did, is that what Liverpool fans want? Those who come from this proud, independent, left-leaning city, where unions still matter, or who have been drawn to the football club for its reputation for honest bribery and self-righteous excellence? Matt Slater wrote for The Athletic.

“Let’s put it this way: It would take a reverse ferret of Olympic proportions if Klopp is to answer questions from journalists the day after a Gulf state seizes power.

“It’s hard to see him stick with that, and you wonder how many lifelong fans Liverpool would lose as well.”

The German strategist’s politics are on full display, raising the possibility that a new owner, with a more than dubious human rights record, is too far a clash of ideals for the 55-year-old.

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First of all, a new owner HAS to match the ideals and policies of the city of Liverpool and the club itself.

Beyond that, however, it would be foolish beyond belief to sacrifice a once-in-a-lifetime manager on the pyre of oil money.

Before thinking about what we could gain on the way to being, dare we say, ‘the next Newcastle or Manchester City’, it is essential that the club seriously reflect on what we will lose.

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