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It’s Friday afternoon and we’re all gradually going through those last few hours of the work week, looking at the clock and waiting for the weekend to finally begin.

There’s no better way to ignite your Friday Feeling than to look forward to the weekend’s football games. Have you made your fantasy football transfers and picked your team this week? In that case, it’s time to think about betting on the weekend’s action.

These are our accumulated football tips for this week, at least when it comes to Chelsea.

Just a year ago, you could just add Chelsea to your ticket and be pretty comfortable that they would pull off a win, no matter who they face. Our form since the turn of the year has really changed all that. Now you can never be too sure that we are in line for the 3 points and in fact we have lost more games than we have won in recent weeks.

Our odds are further lengthened by our opposition tomorrow. Live on Sky Sports kick-off tonight, we’ll take on Newcastle at St James’ Park under the lights.

Our track record there was pretty poor even during the long period the magpies were trash. Now that they are really good, and they have current Premier League Player of the Month Miguel Almiron playing for them, we really don’t like our chances.

It’s going to be a crazy atmosphere, with the sleeping giants finally feeling like they’re a force on the rise once more. Those fans won’t be able to see their team play again for over a month, so they’ll be desperate to fire them. Not only that, but we are also a perfect opposition for them to want to beat. It would be a real starting point to show off their progress from the relegation contenders to the top, and it would also greatly hurt our chances of catching up with them in the top 3 race.

Eddie Howe’s team will be fresh, playing at home, highly motivated and in the best shape in the league. Graham Potter’s team is low on confidence, ravaged by injuries, playing poorly collectively and individually, and looking extremely unstable. We do not want to be negative, but that is the reality.

So what’s our suggestion for a bet? Well, how about more than 2.5 goals? That way you can celebrate each and every Chelsea goal for how they help your bet as much as your team; plus, every Newcastle goal has a strong element of consolation.

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