Big World Cup for Pulisic as we approach Chelsea decision time – Talk Chelsea

The World Cup is literally THE biggest stage you can play on as a footballer. You will have millions of eyes fixed on you as you head to your country.

What this competition always provides is an opportunity for players to impress their current teams, or even showcase themselves for a potential move, it’s literally the best place to perform and showcase your talent, whatever the reason.

Chelsea have a few players at the moment who are approaching a crossroads in their careers, and it will soon be decision time for many of them. One of them is Christian Pulisic, who ends his contract at Chelsea in the summer of 2024.

So he and Chelsea will soon have a big decision to make. If Chelsea plan not to offer him a contract extension, then they should look to sell him in January or in the summer. But a great Pulisic World Cup could influence any decision, just like a bad World Cup too.

It’s like looking at potential transfer targets and getting excited about them, Pulisic has the world stage to show what he can do to Chelsea, and perhaps any other interested club wishing to sign him, should that be the final stage here.

Either way, be it form or his future, Pulisic will know the importance of having a good World Cup and to be honest, he needs a series of games in order to gain momentum and regain good form. no matter. There will be a lot of eyes on his performances in the US this month, regardless of the reasons.

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