Elliott calls out Nunez for hairstyle as he and Carvalho play ‘Honesty Cards’

Harvey Elliott and Fabio Carvalho not only went to school together and trained together at Fulham, but are now teammates at Liverpool, the pair clearly have a strong bond.

In a game of ‘Honesty Cards’ for BBC Sport’s Football Focus, the duo were asked: ‘Who has the best fit?’, ‘Who has the worst fit?’, ‘Who is the better dancer?’ , ‘In a zombie apocalypse, who gets eaten first on the team?’, ‘If you could only invite two teammates to your birthday party, which teammates would you invite and why?’.

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He provided some hilarious answers, with a fair amount of abuse for Fabinho, Darwin Nunez and plenty of other Reds, with some praise for Adrian and James Milner thrown in too.

It’s great to see the off-the-field bond between the two talented youngsters and the video is certainly worth watching.

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You can watch the full interview with Elliott and Carvalho via BBC Sport.

Elliott, Carvalho

Liverpool’s big problem may already have been resolved after Merson noted the international break advantage.

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