Gary Neville predicts potential owners who could buy Liverpool off of FSG

The question of ‘what next?’ it’s one that will make many Liverpool fans a little nervous after a period of relative certainty under Fenway Sports Group.

Gary Neville raised perhaps the biggest fear of supporters who keep the club’s socialist roots at their core by suggesting the Reds could be the next team to be owned by a petro-state.

“The question that arises, as it has done with the Glazer family at Manchester United, who buys it next?” the Sky Sports pundit told The Overlap (via his YouTube channel). “It will be a more aggressive US hedge fund, or a richer US hedge fund, or it will probably be a sovereign wealth fund or some kind of nation state.”

It would mean that the Merseysiders would join Manchester City and Newcastle in being headed by a regime with a potentially appalling human rights record, a reality that would simply not sit well with many.

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The best possible scenario would be that FSG still holds the reins but receives a significant influx of investment from a third party with a minority stake to help balance the scales and allow us to engage in the kind of spending that will get us back to the top of the mountain of football.

With the likes of Jude Bellingham appearing on the market for €150m, not forgetting the clear need for us to invest in more than one talent in the middle of the park, it’s understandable why the owners have taken stock of the current situation and slammed on the brakes.

We’re sure a suitable resolution can be found that doesn’t require fans to choose between success on the pitch and our morale, though for now, we’re left with far more questions than answers.

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