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November 3, 2022 – 10:56 a.m.

Although Italy missed out on qualifying for the FIFA World Cup this year, many of the best Serie A players will continue to travel to Qatar and Juventus players will be among those who will make the difference. Several of the top-ranked teams include stars playing for Juventus, and we’re sure to see at least one of them in the World Cup final. From seasoned players to future stars, here are some of the best Juventus players you should consider including in your fantasy football squad.

Angel Di Maria

Fresh off his Copa America win in 2021 as the winning goalscorer, Di Maria will be looking to do big things in what is sure to be his last World Cup tournament. Having chosen to play for Juventus and remain in Europe ready for competition, he is sure to make club and country proud of him.

Adrian Rabiot

France ranks high among the contenders this year to win the entire competition after their victory in Russia in 2018, and with some injuries and other problems in the squad, Rabiot will have the opportunity to make his mark and try to help his country win. . . Amongst others in the France team, Rabiot would be an excellent addition to any fantasy football team with his central midfield role that is likely to gain a lot of points as the tournament progresses.

Note: The fantasy football team league we are linking to here is only available in Australia; however, there are many different leagues for you to choose from depending on where you are.

Paul Pogba

Another of the Juventus players, although with injury problems, is Pogba. He did a fantastic job in 2018, scoring in the World Cup final, and he hopes to do it again. While he has been an insecure option for the tournament after suffering a torn meniscus, he has been working hard to prepare for the World Cup. If he is fit and gets his fighting form back, he will surely shine in this year’s competition and play an important role for France.


Brazilian defender and Juventus star Danilo Luiz da Silva will also be looking to help his team to victory in this competition after being knocked out in the quarter-finals by Belgium 4 years ago. Brazil remains the country with the most World Cup wins overall, and they will be looking to add to that this year. Another great reason to put Danilo on your fantasy football team is the Brazil group. They look in a strong position to pass easily and without conceding many goals, so having Danilo as one of your defenders could give you a lot of clean goal points early on.

While many of the Juventus players will be watching from their homes, they will be heartened to see so many of their team-mates performing and shining for their countries in this competition. A fantasy football team featuring these Juventus stars is sure to score high and some of these players are likely to play all the way to the finals, making them a great choice for your fantasy squad.

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