Liverpool’s value has dropped $400million in past ‘few months’

News that the FSG are reportedly ‘putting the LFC up for sale’ has sparked a huge wave of intrigue and interest amongst Liverpool supporters, with some other reports now suggesting the value of the club has fallen in the last months.

As reported by Ben Jacobs: ‘FSG bought Liverpool for £300m. His Forbes valuation is now £3.5bn. There are consortiums based in the US and MENA that are actively considering a purchase. At this price, a weak pound means that those who hold dollars would pay $4bn instead of the $4.4bn a few months ago.’

There will be a lot of focus on events that are happening on the field for the Reds, so there could be some off-field issues that are being ignored or overlooked by many parties reporting this big news.

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Due to the drop in the value of the pound sterling, we could become a less lucrative option for some potential new US based owners, so John Henry will be aware that this could be a trend that could continue in the coming years. weeks, months and years. .

If they are going to sell the club, either partially or totally, then it is fair to assume that they will want to get as much money as possible, so a changing economic market around the sale of a football club will also be considered.

This is not just a fact of what can or cannot be invested in Liverpool Football Club, but also the changing face of British government and finance during the uncertain period of leadership.

Losing $400 million in a matter of months would worry anyone and may be one of the reasons for this apparent change in stance on ownership of our club.

You can view the update on the $4 billion valuation via @JacobsBen on Twitter:

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