Super League clubs make an important U-turn is desperate bid to revive the

Juventus, Barcelona and Real Madrid remain determined to make sure the European Super League succeeds.

The trio continued to work on the project despite the fact that the other clubs that had initially supported the idea withdrew.

They have handed over the project to A22, a company in charge of helping the idea gain followers and become a reality.

Its managing director, Bernd Reichart, has been on many media tours recently and wants to get support for the project.

He has had many interviews explaining the idea to the public and in a recent one he insists that the idea will no longer be a closed shop.

He said via Calciomercato:

“The Super League will not be an exclusive or closed competition. There will be no permanent members. In addition to Real Madrid, Barcelona and Juventus, there are many other clubs that have concerns and ideas to improve football in Europe. Sporting merit will be at the center of the Super League”.

Juve FC says

Turning it into a closed shop was the reason it collapsed originally, but now it’s hard to get fans to trust the leads.

If they had brought a product that didn’t grant immunity to its founding members, fans would have already supported it.

But they shut it down and now it will be hard to convince fans to join their efforts.

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