Chiellini urges other Serie A clubs to copy

Former Juventus defender Giorgio Chiellini has urged other Serie A clubs to copy the Bianconeri and develop a B team.

Juve are the only club in the top flight with a B team and their Next Gen has helped many players from their U19 team gain promotion to Serie C football.

The experience in this competition is very different to what you get in Primavera and Juve are reaping the rewards of that investment now.

The likes of Fabio Miretti and Nicolo Fagioli have played in their B team and are now established members of the first team.

Chiellini believes that the smart thing for other clubs to do is to copy Juve’s model and create a B team for their youngsters to compete against.

He said through Football Italia:

“I think Fabio reflects what Juventus have done. [at a youth level]I texted him a few weeks ago when there were some issues.

“I’m happy for him, he deserves everything he’s getting. I hope that other clubs follow this project. Unfortunately they haven’t done it until now, but I see that young players who deserve it are being launched”.

Juve FC says

We have developed a good method for our young players to get a taste of competitive football early on.

The AB team makes sure the kids are exposed to senior team soccer even before they make it onto our first team.

However, other clubs may find it difficult to open their own because it costs a lot of money to operate.

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