Mandzukic gives his opinion on why Juventus is struggling

Mario Mandzukic was a member of one of the most successful Juventus teams in history and the former striker has not enjoyed watching his former side this season.

The Bianconeri have been in terrible form which has seen them eliminated from the Champions League in the group stage.

They have also lost league games against the likes of Monza and their season could take a turn for the worse if things don’t change.

Speaking of their bad term, the Croat says it’s normal that they’re going through a transition and says it takes time to build a team.

He said through Tuttomercatoweb:

“Judging from the outside is not easy. But in football nothing lasts forever and Juve’s dominance was also destined to end sooner or later. He has lost several key leaders, guys who knew how to win consistently.

“It’s relatively easy to play a great game, but it’s difficult to repeat it every week and that’s what you have to do to win a Scudetto. Juve still have a lot to do. quality, but it takes time to build a team, a character and acquire Scudetto habits.

“Juve is not for everyone. I am sure that sooner or later they will return to the level that the fans want”.

Juve FC says

Mandzukic was one of our best players and he knows what it means to play for a top Juventus team.

The former striker has experience in these situations and his assessment can be taken seriously.

We have one of the strongest teams out there, but our players are just underperforming at the moment.

When they are in top form as a team, the results will improve, but we don’t know when that might happen.

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