Gary Neville says Man City will run away with title

Manchester United legend Gary Neville insists he still hopes Manchester City will run away with the Premier League title this season despite Arsenal currently sitting top of the table.

The Gunners have exceeded all expectations so far this season and hold a surprising two-point lead at the top of the table, although many fans and pundits still see Man City as the clear favorites to go on and win the league.

City have won the last two Premier League titles and now have Erling Haaland at the helm, so he should surely have what it takes to ease the job of this young Arsenal side who haven’t even finished in the top four in the last years.

That’s what Neville still hopes will happen, with the pundit telling The Overlap that he believes Pep Guardiola’s side will finish 10 or 15 points clear at the top, with Arsenal set to “fall apart” towards the end of the game. the bell.

“We have 25 games left in the season, with the massive interruption of the World Cup, but I see Arsenal in the top four this season,” Neville said.

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“If Arsenal lose a couple of games and the teams under you win those games, the pressure now mounts and that’s when we’ll find out if Arsenal can handle the pressure. The big moment will come in February and March where we will see what Arsenal is made of.

“The only thing that Arsenal has shown in recent years is that it falls apart at the end of the season, until they see that they don’t, I still have that doubt. Why not?

“Manchester City will win the Premier League by 10-15 points this season. I’ve seen it before when you have a team that is so exceptional, we had that a few times with Manchester United when I was playing, where you just know a team just doesn’t have the ability to go all the way. to challenge the best team.

“If Arsenal do that, it will be unbelievable, and I want them to push City, but it won’t happen.”

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