FOX’s World Cup set in Qatar is huge

The FOX World Cup set in Doha is a sight to see during Qatar 2022.

Built at a cost of several million dollars, it is the centerpiece of FOX’s coverage of the world’s biggest tournament. After all, FOX Sports has exclusive English-language coverage of the 2022 World Cup. Just as important, the competitions will run from November 20 to December 18 with all games on TV and streaming.

Panoramic site for the FOX World Cup set

Located in the center of Doha, the FOX World Cup set offers a beautiful view of the Corniche, which is the ultra-modern skyline there.

FOX Sports co-commentator and analyst Stu Holden gave us a first look at what the studio looks like. Check out the clip below (and apologies for the SHOUTS from Stu Holden). Besides, it’s interesting that Holden and the FOX team completely ignore the mention of the US opening game against Wales. Instead, they focus on the Black Friday game between the USA and England.

First impressions

The FOX Sports set is huge. In particular, the opening of the design with the magnificent views of the horizon invite the viewer to enter. Similarly, the combination of LED screens, augmented reality, and physical desks is perfect. Overall, the set looks like it was money well spent.

The FOX Sports World Cup studio is a combination of physical desktops and virtual graphics. Executive producer David Neal recently described it in more detail in an interview with Sports Video Group:

“The driving range is a giant LED screen. To the viewer, it will look like a patch of grass.

“But the set has physical attributes. It has pieces that will accurately reflect the culture and architecture of Qatar and that part of the world. So those pieces will actually look better if they’re there rather than virtually there. It’s a mix. It’s a hybrid.”

World Cup 2022 Guide

Here are some resources to help you get the most out of soccer’s biggest event!

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