Ambition at Chelsea is admirable, but smart business is way forward – Talk Chelsea

Chelsea continue to be linked with all the big names in football as the new owners continue to rebuild their great team and try to get Chelsea back on top of the game again.

As Chelsea fans, we don’t get too excited about these kinds of links, because we remember the same stories with players like Erling Haaland. And of course we all know where it ended. So when we see a story like the one below about Jude Bellingham as a serious target for us, we naturally stay very grounded.

I mean, Bellingham would be an unrealistic signing, but we’re talking about a potential fee of £150m for one player. I love the ambition on display, and I think we’re going to have to do some massive signings like this for us to challenge for the top again. I’m totally for it.

However, I don’t think we should get used to this type of signing and it wouldn’t be wise for us to continue down this path in the future. I don’t even think we are either. I think Chelsea will have two or three more big transfer windows, and then I think they will look to balance that with recruitment and sustainable business, which means making smart signings and smart sales.

Chelsea will need to run sustainably soon, and that will mean not spending £150m on one player and rather buying two or three players with that money. Players that have been heavily scouted, heavily watched and heavily researched through data, players that we know have the exact profile and personalities that we need at the club, that will be the way to go eventually.

Will we even get Bellingham? I really doubt it. But the ambition, like I said, is great to see right now. We need that now.

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