Four groups from Dubai ‘in touch’ with Emirate over Liverpool bid – The Athletic

FSG’s statement announcing the willingness to put Liverpool on the market, either by investment or outright takeover, remains unclear, unsurprisingly, it has generated a great deal of interest around the world.

Four Dubai-based groups are said to have contacted the Emirate to discuss a possible bid, although they appear to have lacked the credentials to carry out the proposal.

“If Abu Dhabi has Manchester City, would Dubai like Liverpool?” Matt Slater wrote for The Athletic.

“Well, they tried in 2008, but they didn’t get anywhere. And there have been less formal overtures from the Emirate since then, too, which have gone nowhere.

“According to a source in the football M&A space, he has already been contacted by four different groups based in Dubai to discuss putting together an offer. But when he asked them to show some basic bona fide evidence that they have genuine business dealings and some cash in the bank, the talks ended.”

The prospect of more Middle Eastern money pouring into the Premier League is sure to appeal to a select number of Reds fans, none of them likely from the local region.

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With FSG likely to fetch up to $4bn, or more, for Liverpool Football Club, serious investment will be needed from a potential buyer.

In fact, it is quite possible that the participation of a kind of consortium will be required if a total acquisition is desired.

As things stand, it appears that an outside investor joining Fenway for a minority stake is the most likely possibility and would be better suited to the club’s stability going forward.

Although riches may shimmer on the horizon for some Reds, any deviation from our current ownership should be considered a huge risk.

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