Glazers could follow FSG example with Manchester United as Liverpool up for sale – Man United News And Transfer News

With Manchester United still under the stranglehold of Glazer’s ownership, the news that Fenway Sports Group has put Liverpool up for sale could be welcome news for Red Devils fans.

Liverpool’s listing caused some degree of shock in the sporting world, as the Merseyside club has enjoyed quite a bit of success since its acquisition of FSG in 2010.

The club won its first Premier League title and reached several European finals, winning the Champions League on one occasion.

However, despite worldwide support for Liverpool as a result of those successes, the FSG no longer views the club as a profitable venture.

In part, that’s due to the challenges of competing with state-backed clubs like Manchester City, for whom success is rarely less than a couple of signings away.

But the key factor in the FSG’s decision to walk away from Liverpool is the failure of the European Super League, according to The Times.

The directors of the club spoke of “consequences in the medium term” after the collapse of the project and it seems that those consequences are now taking place.

The Superliga would have secured income for its founding clubs, allowing them to raise broadcast cash for premium competition without being under threat of relegation or decline in importance.

Naturally, this was an attractive proposition for the club’s owner, particularly those with an American background.

USA Sports usually follows a structure similar to the plans proposed in the European Super League and for FSG the potential of such a structure was a big selling point when they bought Liverpool.

It’s a similar story for Manchester United, whose American owners were alongside Liverpool’s at the forefront of the Super League reshuffle last year.

The Glazers were set to make a fortune off the project and have been noncommittal on the subject since last April, despite assurances that they would improve their communication with fans.

While United have been a reliable source of income for them over the years, the fact that the potential for a Super League has been nullified will no doubt have irked the Glazers.

Reported interest from the likes of Sir Jim Ratcliffe has already set the imagination running wild and pundits have claimed the Tampa Bay family has held meetings to discuss the sale of shares, with a 30% stake offered to the Saudi Arabian wealth fund. shortly before the acquisition of Newcastle United.

It appears that the Glazer family no longer view Man United as an indispensable asset and are keen to part with the club under the right circumstances.

The impending sale of Liverpool by FSG could pave the way for the Red Devils to finally break free from the Glazers.

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