Gary Neville slams Cristiano Ronaldo for Manchester United silence – Man United News And Transfer News

Gary Neville has criticized Cristiano Ronaldo for his silence at Manchester United, especially when he was captain.

The legendary goalscorer received the bracelet from the Red Devils duel against Aston Villa last Sunday.

With Bruno Fernandes suspended and Harry Maguire on the bench, Erik ten Hag turned to the 37-year-old to manage his team at Villa Park.

However, Ronaldo opted not to face the media after United’s disappointing 3-1 loss.

And speaking on The Overlap, Neville insisted the striker neglected his responsibilities in doing so.

“He came out as Manchester United captain and the team lost,” he said. “Your job is to speak at the end of the game. I have been there in that position.

“If you win, the player who scored the goal or the star man comes out and speaks. If you lose, he is your goalkeeper, he is your centre-back or he is your captain.

“Why didn’t we hear about him? He should have been there to say, “This is what we did wrong today, we’re going to work hard for next week and we’ll be ready for the next game.”

And Neville didn’t stop there, suggesting that Ronaldo’s prolonged silence since seeking a summer transfer has been a problem.

“I think I should actually speak up. Nobody has heard him speak for six months, we don’t know anything about him.

“I think the reason I said earlier that Manchester United would be better off without him and he would be better off without Manchester United is that I expect a lot from him because I played with him for six years.

“You take responsibility for what happened. Don’t let other people answer your stuff for you.”

Apart from the strange cryptic Instagram post, there have been no comments from Ronaldo about his situation at the club.

With nothing more to decipher Ronaldo’s stance than his matchday abandonments and outbursts on the pitch, the striker has barely endeared himself to fans at Old Trafford over the past six months.

Perhaps most concerning is the lack of leadership shown by a player who should be driving his team forward, given his wealth of experience.

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