Stefano Agresti says Juventus could be competing with Napoli after the World Cup

Former Juventus assistant coach Stefano Agresti was impressed by the Bianconeri’s return and tipped them off to challenge Napoli for top spot later this year.

Juve beat Verona 1-0 yesterday for their fifth straight league win of the season.

After starting this period poorly, they are now living up to some expectations from their fans.

Juve have one more league game to play before the World Cup and fans are hoping they stay fit.

Agresti was talking about his recent performance and said through Tuttojuve:

“Never beautiful, always a winner: Juve is up there. After the World Cup, it can be the anti-Naples”

And he adds: “Now I’m fourth, if they also beat Lazio on Sunday they will be at least third (and could even become second if Milan don’t beat Fiorentina). If we think about where Juventus were a month ago, before the derby, it’s almost unbelievable.”

Juve FC says

We’ve come back to form at the right time and a win against Lazio will make us title contenders.

Napoli look unbeatable now but we have a more experienced coach and we hope that Max Allegri will lead this team to more wins before the year is out.

If we keep winning and get Paul Pogba back, it will be even more difficult to prevent us from winning games.

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