Francesco Oppini makes a surprising revelation about next potential Juventus manager

Sports commentator Francesco Oppini has revealed some surprising news about Juventus’ plans to replace Max Allegri.

The Bianconeri coach has led his team to five consecutive league victories and his place seems secure.

However, a few weeks ago, he had been targeted as one of the coaches who could be fired for the performance of his team.

Juve have been eliminated from the Champions League due to their slow start to the season, but they remain one of the clubs to watch in the league.

When the going got tough, Oppini claims the Bianconeri had considered making Napoli their next head coach.

Luciano Spalletti has done a good job at Napoli and says Juve have considered appointing him as their manager next season.

He said via Tuttojuve:

“I dropped a bomb on you, not long ago the Bianconeri contacted Luciano Spalletti. Of course, they thought of him, not for the current season, but for the next one.”

Juve FC says

As one of the biggest clubs in the world, a manager can only keep his job at Juventus if his team is performing well.

As Allegri’s team had struggled before, it was understandable that the club considered replacing him with another manager.

However, as things turn around, we expect him to remain on the bench for a few more seasons.

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