Verona coach slams VAR after their defeat to Juventus

Juventus beat Verona 1-0 yesterday to continue their winning streak in Serie A, but the Bianconeri had some luck in that match.

It’s a game they could easily have lost if things had gone Verona’s way on more than one occasion.

Firstly, Danilo’s hand caught the ball in an unnatural position, but the VAR did not recommend an on-field review.

Then Verona was awarded a penalty and the same VAR annulled it, they were furious.

These decisions undoubtedly affected the outcome of the game and Verona manager Salvatore Bocchetti did not hold back after the match.

He said through Football Italia:

“I don’t like to talk about referees, but when you have a series of incidents like we saw against Monza and tonight, we are really dumbfounded.

“They are hurting our season, that seems clear. With his arm so outstretched, it seems crazy not to give a penalty.”

Juve FC says

We were lucky to have won that game, but we did well to keep the score and get another win.

These are the points that will prove critical at the end of the season, but our guys need to start showing more on the field.

We are in a different class to Verona and we should convincingly beat them to show that we are back in form.

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