Juan Ferrando Said the Most Talented Hero ISL Team Is ATK Mohun Bagan

ISL 2022-23: Juan Ferrando says ISL team's most talented hero is ATK Mohun Bagan
ISL 2022-23: Juan Ferrando says ISL team’s most talented hero is ATK Mohun Bagan

ISL 2022-23: Juan Ferrando, the head coach of ATK Mohun Bagan, sounded upbeat ahead of his club’s Indian Super League (ISL) match against Mumbai City FC on Sunday in Mumbai. He challenged his players to win all three points in what he considered a tough game away from home. However, the Spaniard feels that he has the strongest group of players at his disposal, and if they execute their strategy to the full, they will triumph even over opponents like Mumbai City FC.

Before the match against Mumbai City FC, Ferrando and striker Manvir Singh spoke at the pre-match press conference. The quotes are as follows: ATK Mohun Bagan had won the Kolkata derby before their match against Mumbai City FC. How would the strategy against Mumbai City FC change from that?

Ferrando: As it is a different team with a different style, the strategy will be different. They have a large number of talented players and have participated in the AFC Champions League. It’s a challenging game, especially as we play away from home without our fans and they have a strong team. But we have a strategy and we think it will work.

The match that follows the Calcutta derby has always been more difficult for the Calcutta teams. How would you approach this topic? Ferrando: I think it’s crucial to be ready for the next game because the victory in the Calcutta derby is a thing of the past and there are three points at stake. It is crucial for us to win these three points as there are three or four teams competing at a high level, and if we want to take first place, we must win this match.

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ISL 2022-23: Juan Ferrando says ISL team's most talented hero is ATK Mohun Bagan
ISL 2022-23: Juan Ferrando says ISL team’s most talented hero is ATK Mohun Bagan

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Ferrando: Their dorsal spines are incredibly robust. They have excellent spatial control during construction. Bipin Singh and Lalianzuala Chhangte, two speedy players who make smart decisions in attack, make a very effective duo in these circumstances, so keeping them in check is crucial. Defense preparation for teams like these is challenging.

After the Calcutta Derby, you declared that your transitions needed work. Are your staff equipped to handle that? Ferrando: On Sunday it will be revealed. As we focus on these issues in every training session, I sincerely hope that the team is prepared. As a coaching staff, our goal is to empower the team to take charge of transitions and establish good defensive positions. I expect us to perform consistently in the games. As a team, our goal is to play well in every game. No doubt the team will vary due to injuries, suspensions and players who can play different positions, but we need to make sure our performance remains consistent.

Mumbai City FC have never been beaten by ATK Mohun Bagan. Do you think this makes this game more difficult than the Kolkata derby? Ferrando: On Sunday I hope we get the three points. This is the goal. On Sunday, we will observe what happens. Statistics are sometimes out of our control. Players find it challenging when we play away from home as it is the first time they have played in front of an audience in two years, so it is crucial for us to keep control of this circumstance.


The game and the opportunity on Sunday are new. I have faith in the squad and in my team. Our goal is to score three points. However, it will be a challenge to win the next game considering how we have performed against them in the past.

Do you have any specific ideas for Mumbai City FC’s high caliber assault? Ferrando: I think our team is the best. We will achieve it if we work as a team. Of course, we have great respect for Mumbai City FC as they have such talented players, but in my opinion, if we play the best we can, we will prevail in the game.

Liston Colaco’s impact has decreased compared to the previous year. Do you have concerns about him?

ISL 2022-23: Juan Ferrando says ISL team's most talented hero is ATK Mohun Bagan
ISL 2022-23: Juan Ferrando says ISL team’s most talented hero is ATK Mohun Bagan

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Ferrando: We started the season with several players who were not performing at their best but are now flourishing. In a 30-game season, it’s typical to have ten games of exceptional play followed by 6-7 games where you perform below average. It’s a challenge to maintain the level of performance for the position that players like Liston and Manvir play because it depends on the team. Liston is not a concern of mine because he will benefit from everyone’s improvement. How did Dimitri Petratos perform, in your opinion?

Ferrando: He is certainly contributing significantly on the pitch, so we are pleased with him. He has a complete understanding of his position on the field. Since everyone is familiar with the idea, I am very happy to see foreign players. Dimitri caught on to our ideas right away and has excelled not only during games but during practice as well.

When you have players like him, it’s quite simple for me because he controls the spaces and knows when to attack them. Is incredible. Aside from his goals, I love the way he manages the time and space of the press. He is a crucial member of this team, so I hope he continues to play the same way.

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