Paul Merson predicts thrilling match this weekend at Elland Road

Sky Sports pundit Paul Merson predicts an exciting game when Leeds United take on Bournemouth this weekend.

Leeds come on the heels of a dramatic win at Anfield last week, while Bournemouth have lost three in a row and won just one game since the start of September.

“Leeds United’s victory against Liverpool, what a result! No one, not even the Leeds manager, would have seen it coming. If they go in a row and win this match, they can start from there.

“Bournemouth have lost three games in a row in the Premier League. They are on a slippery slope, and they will start to slide if they lose this match as well. Bournemouth were 2-0 up against Tottenham but eventually threw it overboard. That was a bad result, and right now they are full of nerves.

“This is a great game for both teams. There will be a lot of goals in this match, because both teams will have to try. This is a game that both teams can win, but I think Leeds have the advantage in this game.

“Prediction: Leeds United 3-2 Bournemouth”. – said Paul Merson for Sportskeeda.

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